What is a consultant?

You love carrying your child and want to empower others to share the joys?Teaching a ruck

You want to help parents get carrying off to a good start?

You would love to be paid for talking about carrying babies?

You want to find a new direction for your career?

You want to learn from the most comprehensive school in the UK?

You want to master all carriers?

You want to understand what it takes to become a supportive consultant?

Find out about Singababy

When you attend a Slingababy course, you will gain a wealth of knowledge including: tying techniques for all types of slings, the physiology of both baby and parent, teaching techniques to suit different learning styles and so much more. Our course offers consultants a respectful, whilst complete, approach to teaching baby-carrying. We believe that, as a consultant, our role is to give space for parents to grow into who they want to be, using baby-carrying as a tool.

Not only is the course of the best quality, the add-ons that you gain access to after the course will make sure that you keep on growing. You will also become a part of the Slingababy consultant community, a group of people with a love of baby-carrying with whom you can share experiences and where many great friendships have been formed.

Slingababy was founded in 2011 with the aim of empowering parents through the loving art of baby-carrying. Following years of training and hands-on experience with parents the Slingababy School was born and is able to offer a course that shares information on every sling type available as well as various teaching methods. The school’s vision is to ensure all trainees can start practising as consultants after the four-day training course. The school is recognised by BABI (British Association of Babywearing Instructors) and adheres to its strict code of conduct.

So what is special about Slingababy?