At Slingababy we understand that it’s not always possible to pay for our courses up front.

Consultancy UK  100 deposit and options of the following payment plans:  all courses to be on paypal (me to invoice) payment plans to be on a PayPal recurring invoice.

12 month plan 100 deposit 8* 45 and then final of 25
6 month plan 100 deposit and then 5 months of 95
3 month plan 100 deposit and then 2 payments of 237.5

UK includes N.ireland but I would include them as “overseas” for the purposes of taking  50% up front as you’ve got plane/ferry costs?

Consultancy overseas

287.50 up front of which 100 is a non refundable deposit.

all courses No refund if cancellation within 2 weeks of the course unless you find a replacement and then only course fee less deposit.

Make it clearer that if you have a payment plan then this remains in place even if you cancel.

I think 1 day courses in scotland really need at least 8 people to be worth your while with travel etc.  Thoughts?

One day course UK payment plans:

6 month plan  50 deposit  and then 5* 10
3 month plan 50 deposit  and then 2* 25

so basically you pay all the money up front OR you choose one of the payment plan options.